Cambodian Passport


The Cambodian passport allows its holder access to 22 countries without a visa. Additionally, 49 countries offer electronic visas, and 17 countries grant visas upon arrival. However, 105 countries still require a visa.


Cambodia, located in Southeast Asia, has a population of over 16 million people. Its capital city is Phnom Penh. The official language is Khmer, and the local currency is the Cambodian riel. The passport is issued by the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The Cambodian passport features a dark blue cover with the Cambodian coat of arms in the center. It contains 48 pages and has a validity of 10 years for adults and 5 years for minors. The passport is part of the ASEAN Passport series, and it adheres to the international passport standard.


Visa-free map

Nearby countries

The nearest visa free countries to visit for Cambodian passport holders are Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Visa free countries

So, where can Cambodians travel without a visa? We have listed all the countries where Cambodia citizens can travel visa-free, eliminating the hassle of visa paperwork.





This data has been sourced from Wikipedia and was last updated on 7/1/2024.