Guatemalan Passport


The Guatemalan passport is the travel document issued to citizens of Guatemala. This Central American country has a population of approximately 17.2 million people.


Guatemalan passport holders can access 77 countries without a visa, apply for 32 e-visas, and get visas on arrival in 23 countries.

However, they are required to have a visa for entry to 61 countries. The Guatemalan passport is a basic travel tool for Guatemalans, enabling them to explore various parts of the world.


Visa-free map

Nearby countries

The nearest visa free countries to visit for Guatemalan passport holders are El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Visa free countries

So, where can Guatemalans travel without a visa? We have listed all the countries where Guatemala citizens can travel visa-free, eliminating the hassle of visa paperwork.






This data has been sourced from Wikipedia and was last updated on 6/1/2024.