Nepalese Passport


The Nepalese passport allows its holders to travel to 9 countries without a visa. Additionally, they can obtain an e-visa for 50 countries. For 15 countries, a visa is granted upon arrival. The Nepalese passport requires a visa for entry to 119 countries.


Nepal, the issuing country, has a diverse population. Its total population is over 29 million people. The majority of the population is Hindu, but it also includes Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian communities. Nepal is home to more than 125 ethnic groups and castes. The country's official language is Nepali, but over 120 languages are spoken across the nation.

The Nepalese passport ranks low in terms of global mobility. It is placed at 109th in the world according to the Henley Passport Index. Despite this, it provides its holders with access to several countries without a visa or with a visa upon arrival. This gives Nepalese citizens opportunities for travel and business ventures.


Visa-free map

Nearby countries

The nearest visa free countries to visit for Nepalese passport holders are India, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Micronesia and Samoa.

Visa free countries

So, where can Nepaleses travel without a visa? We have listed all the countries where Nepal citizens can travel visa-free, eliminating the hassle of visa paperwork.




This data has been sourced from Wikipedia and was last updated on 6/1/2024.