Spanish Passport


The Spanish passport grants visa-free access to 123 countries. This makes travel convenient for Spanish citizens. Spain's passport ranks highly in international passport rankings.


Spain is home to approximately 47 million people. It is the fourth most populous country in the European Union. Its population density is relatively high, at 93.1 people per square kilometer.

In addition to visa-free travel, Spanish citizens can apply for 41 e-visas and 12 visas on arrival. However, they still require a visa for 17 countries.

Spain's passport strength and visa policies facilitate international travel and business opportunities.


Visa-free map

Nearby countries

The nearest visa free countries to visit for Spanish passport holders are Portugal, Andorra, Morocco, France, Monaco and Belgium.

Visa free countries

So, where can Spanishs travel without a visa? We have listed all the countries where Spain citizens can travel visa-free, eliminating the hassle of visa paperwork.






This data has been sourced from Wikipedia and was last updated on 6/1/2024.