Ugandan Passport


The Ugandan passport allows access to 35 countries without a visa. Furthermore, 17 countries offer e-visas and 21 countries grant visas upon arrival. However, a visa is required for entry into 121 countries.


Uganda, located in East Africa, has a population of approximately 44 million people. It is known for its diverse wildlife, including mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

Despite the number of visa-free countries accessible to Ugandan passport holders, it is important to check each country's entry requirements before travel. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey.


Visa-free map

Nearby countries

The nearest visa free countries to visit for Ugandan passport holders are Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Visa free countries

So, where can Ugandans travel without a visa? We have listed all the countries where Uganda citizens can travel visa-free, eliminating the hassle of visa paperwork.





This data has been sourced from Wikipedia and was last updated on 6/1/2024.